Covenant in the Cove premiers in Feb on KTWU!

Covenant in the cove art

In October of 1856, approximately 500 Mormon pioneers were stranded in an early winter storm near Martin’s Cove, Wyoming. With meager food supplies and handcarts as their only means of transportation they waited out the storm. They had already walked 900 miles from Far West, Missouri. Many had died already from exposure and more would die before reaching thier westward home in the Salt Lake valley of Utah. Though they would endure much suffering on thier trek to “Zion” their conviction of faith propelled them forward, and inspired thousands of immigrants that would follow after them. In June of 2015, a group of 100 youth and adults from the Salina, Kansas stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints journeyed to Martin’s Cove to reenact a portion of that history. This documentary follows their story of discovery, and spiritual growth as they “walked where their ancestors walked” and experienced a part of their pioneer legacy.

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Once again, I am thrilled to partner with Val VanderSluis and KTWU to premier this new film. They truly make an effort to push and promote Kansas stories. If you have a chance to drop them a line, they love to hear about programs you enjoy.

Valerie M.B. VanDerSluis
Director of Programming, Content, and Social Media
Topeka, KS


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