My name is Rusty Earl. I am a video producer/ documentary film maker. I originally started this site to document my filmmaking experience in Tanzania, Africa in the summer of 2012. Since then I have been using the site to share updates on recent documentary projects I have been working on. I will be including all of my preparations, shot lists, editing organization, workflow, and general experience of shooting documentaries. My intent in making this blog is two fold. One reason is to act as a personal journal for friends and family. The second reason is to share some knowledge gained making films (the good and the bad). I have gained invaluable insight from a number of blogs similar to this, so I hope to return the favor by doing the same.

Please feel free to ask questions and join me on my adventure!

Rusty Earl



2 thoughts on “About Rusty

  1. Stinson McClenddon says:

    The documentary on the underground railroad in Kansas interest me because I aways think of the southern states and the border states close to them. I would like to see your film. It sounds very interesting. I am a filmmaker who lives in Kansas City. I saw the article about your film on fop.co. I think it was great that you shared your workflow with others working in FCPX like me. You can see some of my work on Vimeo. Thanks for sharing.

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